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available from 7pm-7am from 5th October - 5th December.

You can chat privately with us on our external Instant Messaging service. No installation is required, a new window will open in your browser. To start a chat, just click the button below:

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available from 7pm-7am during the CU full term

We don’t have call display, so we can’t see what number you‘re calling from nor can we find out. However, if you don’t have any credit on your phone, you can leave us your number and we can call you back.

01223 744 444

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available anytime during the CU full term. Answer within 48h.

Our email service automatically strips your email address from the email, so we cannot see your email address. However, please be aware that the service will not remove any footers or signatures at the bottom of your email.

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available from 7pm-7am during the CU full term.

Calls from Skype go straight through to our phones like any other call – we can’t tell if a call comes from a phone or from a computer.